Inspire, engage, empower

Redefining learning in the home and community care sector

Imagine an entirely new way of teaching and learning. Targeting key priority areas in home and community care, the CHCA Learning Centre uses blended learning model. The microtraining courses leverage technology and instructional design to maximize participant choice and engagement.

Our courses are being released in beta test version that are being piloted by home and community care stakeholders across the country. We anticipate release of these exciting programs in 2022. Check out the interesting line-up of courses currently in development.

Emotional Intelligence Learning Program

Test phase: June 2021 – May 2022 Launch date: Summer 2022.

Six e-learning courses on emotional intelligence for home and community care providers. Content enhances practical skills for home care providers to become more resilient.  Participants learn how to apply emotional intelligence to better respond to and empower patients and caregivers and provide true paitent and family-centred care.


Emotional Intelligence Learning Program

The concept of emotional intelligence and how to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and apply this knowledge to delivering home and community care.

Module 1

Perceiving Emotions and Self-Awareness

Knowing how to recognize emotions, understand emotional intensity, learning how to be mindful and recoginze what triggers emotions and reactions.

Module 2

Understanding Emotions and Empathy

Learning how to manage emotions in positive ways, how to  communicate effectively, empathize with others and practice the behaviour of reframing.

Module 3

Managing Emotions and Flexibility

Knowing how to identify the emotions and respond is a flexible way to changing situations. Learning how to adapt your communication style to be better understood.

Module 4

Using Emotions and Decision-Making

Understanding how emotions effect decision-making and applying emotional intelligence skills to shared decision-making to better support patients and caregivers.

Module 5

Using Emotions and Coaching

Learning how to coach and empower caregivers and patients by using open-ended questions and understanding emotions.

Palliative Care Microlearning Modules

A series of self-directed microlearning modules that build on the CHCA Palliative Care ECHO Learning Sessions to better manage pain and symptoms in home-based palliative care.

Implementing Whole Community Palliative Rounds: Five Practice Changes

Test phase: December 2021  Launch date: January 2022.

Key practice changes necessary to develop and implement Whole Community Palliative Rounds (WCPR). This microlearning module outline the practical steps needed to successfully implement WCPR in your organization or region.